Katalyst has comprehensive profiles on 18,000 New Zealand business to business (B2B) companies.

We cover the head offices of producers, manufacturers, publishers, franchisors, importers, exporters, wholesalers, agents and business service providers.

We do NOT cover retail or trade businesses except for large chains or groups. For example we do have one entry for The Warehouse and BP.

The search page contains a large number of filters that you can use to find one or more companies.


Find one

Start typing in the "Business Name" field to see an autocomplete drop down of matching businesses. Select one and press Enter on your keyboard, or the Search button.

If you don't know the company name but do know something about it, like a brand or person there, try using the "All Profile" search box.

Find many

Click on a tab, such as "Size" or "Location" to add a filter criteria. Each criteria that you add will further reduce the result set.

For example an "Employee Range" filter of "5001+" and a "Region" filter of "Auckland" will find businesses with a head office in Auckland that have 5001+ employees.

Find all

Click the Search button with no filters or search terms to see our full list.


Your subscription gives you complete access to all search functionality and all companies on Katalyst.

You can export spreadsheets of Katalyst data for private use, e.g. in a mailing list or database import, using download credits.

Download credits are $0.50 per company. Contact Us to purchase credits.

If you are just going to contact companies directly, on a one-to-one basis, you probably don't need download credits.

Make your search and click the "Export" button that displays just above the search results.

You can choose the fields you want to export and the number of contacts to download per company.

When your export finishes processing it will be available on your exports page.